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Networking Naysayer? Confidently Cultivate Your Network by Learning from My Spin Instructor and a Flock of Geese

June 10, 2020

Are YOU resistant to “NETWORKING” even though you know AT LEAST 40% OF JOBS are found through REFERRALS? Take a lesson from my SPIN INSTRUCTOR and a FLOCK OF GEESE. Yes, you read that right. Stick with me, here . . .

Instead of thinking of networking as an intimidating chore, remember the wise words of my spin instructor during a particularly grueling class. “We are not competing with each other, but rather drawing from the collective effort and energy of the group to propel us forward and achieve our personal best.”

Her comment motivated me to pick up my riding pace and reminded me of how I coach clients to think of networking as geese flying in the V formation.

Why do geese fly in a V? Two reasons. One, the V creates less resistance for one another enabling them to fly farther faster. Second, the V ensures the geese do not lose sight of anyone in the group.

This is the beauty of a professional network and why I continue to lead group work as a component of my career counseling practice after 20 years. Instead of thinking of networking as “asking for a favor” consider yourself part of a team collectively pushing each other forward to expand your horizons and explore new frontiers.

Networking provided me with a collaborative, inspiring group of career colleagues, helping each other continuously improve our ability to serve clients and build our practices beyond our expectations.

Networking is how you master career transition – taking turns in the headwinds, keeping track of one another, and easing the resistance for ALL by sharing your professional experiences and introducing colleagues to new people and opportunities.

Networking is a consistent process of give and take. YOU are a VALUABLE part of a COLLECTIVE effort and if you view networking in this light, the process becomes one of the most enjoyable and satisfying aspects of professional life. To learn more about networking like a pro, reach out at

Keep flying.

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