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NJ Resume Writer

 Custom Career So​lutions

Custom Career Solutions

Your Partner in Professional Growth

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YouMap Career Profile

and Career Exploration

Define your goals

Executive Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writing

Communicate your value

Certified Career Transition Coaching

Get hired

YouMap Self-Discovery Program

Struggling to Articulate Your Strengths?

Unsure of Your Next Career Move?

Create your YouMap Career Profile, a holistic self-discovery tool identifying your unique strengths, values, preferred skills, and personality based-career interests. This program will guide you in clarifying what you do best that the world needs most and translate your new self-awareness into ACTIONABLE career insights.

Session 1 - Uncover Your Top 5 Innate Talents/Strengths

Session 2 - Discover Your Values and Identify Skills You Enjoy and Skills to Avoid

Session 3 - Learn Your Career Interest Type and Feasible Best-Fit Career Options

Career Transition Catalyst Program

Confused about how to Pursue Your Next Career Goal?

Need Proven Job Search Strategies Beyond Applying Online?

Learn how to break out beyond the black hole of online job applications and pursue all five paths to hire. Engage your network and communicate your value to prospective employers by optimizing LinkedIn and crafting a targeted Resume.  

Session 1 - Identify Your Relevant Accomplishments and Transferable Skills

Session 2 - Learn How to Write a Compelling Resume and Cover Letter

Session 3 - Optimize Utilization of LinkedIn 

Session 4 - Create a Networking Brief and Master Career Research Conversations 

Session 5 - Create S.M.A.R.T Goals Job Search Plan to Pursue All Four Paths to Hire

Custom Career Solutions Designed to Open New Doors

Navigate Career Transition

Assess Your Strengths, Values, & Skills

Define Your Next Career Goal

Master Career Research 

Cultivate Your Career Ecosystem

Accelerate Your Search

Communicate Your Value 

Elevate Your Brand

Attract New Opportunities

Expand Your Network

Bolster Your Leadership

Secure Board Positions

Generate Speaking Engagements

Promote Your Publications

Develop Business Partnerships

Services and Rates

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About Julie Wyckoff, M.Ed.

I am INVESTED in each client's success. I build ENDURING client relationships. I earn client TRUST, resulting in a 90% referral-driven business. I am a curious life-long learner dedicated to sustaining INDUSTRY-LEADING career services. I truly enjoy crystallizing each client's unique career story and partnering to ACHIEVE their big, bold goals. I LOVE what I do and want each client to feel the same! 

Julie Wyckoff, M.Ed.

Your Executive Career Concierge

and Partner in Professional Growth

A Career Counselor and Resume Writer  for 20 years, I provide strengths-based assessments, customized career storytelling, and high ROI job search strategies enabling professionals to attract new opportunities and bolster their visibility. All clients who invest in career counseling and resume writing work directly with me (I would not have it any other way)! 

While you may be an expert in your field, you may not have the time or inclination to confidently navigate career transitions, access premier jobs through all four paths to hire, craft a compelling resume or cover letter, or optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

Maybe  you are suffering from burnout, feel like your current career is not a fit , or are unsure of your next move. We can position you for future success by assessing your strengths, values, skills, and interests to clarify who you are, define what you have to offer, and pursue opportunities where you will thrive.

My holistic approach is fueled by two decades of writing and coaching experience, multiple career industry certifications, a graduate degree in Counseling, a "first act" career as a Fortune 100 leadership program graduate and recruiter, passion for storytelling, and a sincere desire to help clients maximize their professional potential and personal wellbeing.

Although I am a solopreneur, I have cultivated a cherished network and enjoy connecting clients and colleagues with trusted contacts, proven resources, and new opportunities.


Master of Education in Counseling (M.Ed.) 


Certified Career Transition Coach (CCTC)


Career Planning and Development Certification


Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and Minor in English



I have had the PRIVILEGE of working with hundreds of clients from around the world spanning every function and industry imaginable  including Emerging Technology, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Consumer Products, Banking, and Entertainment. 

In addition to corporate CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs, Chief Growth Officers, VPs, and Directors, I have worked with Non-Profit Leaders, Public Officials, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Doctors, Lawyers, Chefs, Professors, Creative Artists, Consultants, and more.

Corporate Recruiting Experience

Screening hundreds of resumes and interviewing up to six candidates in a day provided me with an inside look at the tools and strategies candidates can utilize to truly STAND OUT from the masses.

Recruiting ignited my quest to earn my M.Ed. and become a career counselor. As a career changer, I understand first-hand the courage and planning necessary for my clients to balance both the excitement and trepidation associated with leaving a successful career to pursue a new path.

Fortune 100 Business Background

Prior to becoming a Career Counselor, I experienced a diverse array of BUSINESS STAGES, ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURES, and LEADERSHIP STYLES in a Financial Leadership Program and series of progressive roles including: 

  • Business Analysis Manager for a $1B Consumer Market Division
  • Project Financial Manager for Global Undersea Cable System Subsidiary
  • Financial Analyst for the launch of a Consumer Telecom Business 
  • Financial Analyst for an Internet Communication Start-Up
  • Two Years of Corporate Sponsored Graduate-Level Business Education

Leveraging my business analysis background, I built Custom Career Solutions on a foundation of job market DATA, filtering out the industry noise and often misguided advice to provide proven personal branding and search strategies. 

Certified YouMap Coach

YouMap is a holistic self-discovery tool that uncovers your strengths, values, motivation skills, and interests. A personalized YouMap visually illustrates what career fit looks like for YOU, highlighting what you do best that others need most.

Resumes and Cover Letters Featured in

"Gold Standard" Career Industry Resources

It is my MISSION to sustain OUTSTANDING resume writing practices. My Resumes and Cover Letters have been featured in flagship career industry thought leader publications including:

Modernize Your Resume: Get Noticed . . .Get Hired!

Modernize You​r Job Search ​Letters: Get Noticed. . . Get Hired!

Check out Job Search Journey to purchase my DIY Job Seeker Products

The World's First Global Job Search Marketplace!

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Services and Rates

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Explore Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services

Ready to get started or learn more?

Read Client Testimonials